About Us

When Worlds Collide

Battling my multi faceted personality, I struggled with finding an identity with such an array of interests. Living in New York I led a double life with my bright and dark sides.

During the day I worked with an electro ice cream truck company where we sold vintage toys, retro candy and japanese popsicles. We rode around in a pink truck and spread the joy around. But at night after parking the ice cream truck and closing up for the day, I worked for a heavy bass record label Trouble & Bass where we threw underground basement parties that lasted till 5 am.

Opposite in style, they both reflect my love for strong aesthetics whether it be a neon pink mobile food truck or a dark, goth, sweat inducing party scene. And with my passion for punk and hardcore music, I decided to combine all of my interests into one fashion statement. I turned my traditional DIY punk vests into works of art featuring not just the average spikes and studs, but sequins, glitter and more. I've always felt out of place when I went to local hardcore shows, being the only person not wearing black. But I decided to embrace my love for bright colors with my love for DIY jackets, and have created Mystic Mayhem!

So to all of you out there who don't feel like you fit into one scene or another, why would you want to? Create your own unique identity with everything you love!