Custom Orders

Mystic Mayhem offers unique and one-off designs, but our specialty is made-to-order custom pieces. We understand the struggle of finding something in the store that could be you're new go-to staple, but if only it was a few inches longer, or fit just a little more snug, or was just a shade lighter. We all come in different shapes and sizes, so we can't expect corporations to design around every body type out there. Because all of our pieces are hand made regardless, it's easy for us to work with you to make something thats absolutely perfect and made just for you. Together we can find the perfect vest for a canvas and pick out the desired details to fit your exact taste. With just a few inspirational ideas we can make a vest that is your dream come true!

Here are some of the simple steps it takes to get you a custom vest:

STEP 1: Send us your favorite jacket (or we can provide one with your measurements)
STEP 2: Pick colors or wash type to dye the vest
STEP 3: Provide or request a back decal if desired
STEP 4: Pick your stud style and colors
STEP 5: Arrange where you want the studs, or browse our current selection to get ideas
STEP 6: Select patches and pins and add the final touches

Easy enough, right?! So get to thinking and lets make something new!

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